Animal Clinic of Wagoner now offers Veterinary Laser Technologies.

Laser treatments have many benefits for our fur babies.

Laser Therapy is a non-invasive treatment with a variety of uses.

Laser Therapy uses a special light frequency that penetrates the skin and tissue, this helps open the blood flow to the affected area. It even increases energy production at the cellular level which speeds healing times and new cell growth. The bottom line is that Laser Therapy helps accelerate our pets natural healing process. For example, Laser Therapy can be used on our pets after surgery. Laser Therapy helps the pain at the incision site, decrease swelling and it helps heal the wound faster, It is used for our pets with ear infections, it decreases the swelling and our pets pain. As well as for fractures, Arthritis and joint pain, as it decreases the swelling and our pets pain.


Dime is an almost 15 year old Boston Terrier. Over the last several months he has started to lose strength and mobility in his back legs. One evening he could not even stand up, it was so bad. He was also in so much pain he was having tremors. Dr Davis recommended we try Laser treatments to give him some relief and help him regain movement. I have noticed a significant increase in his mobility and decrease in his pain since he began treatment. He is able to get in and out of the doggie door again and has more strength in his back legs. I am so grateful that this treatment is offered right here in Wagoner, Oklahoma for an affordable price. It has given us more time with our sweet senior and has improved his quality of life. Thank you Dr Davis and all the staff at the Animal Clinic of Wagoner for your compassion and quality care of our Boston Terriers over the years.


I have noticed Hopper’s swelling has gone down, and he is doing better with the treatments


Since Peaches started getting the Laser Treatments she is able to Squat better with less pain


Alli has Arthritis in her hips and tail area. She gets very stiff and can’t move or walk. The Laser treatments have made it so she is not as stiff and is able to get around better with not as much pain. On good days she can even go out and play in the yard some. When Alli comes into the clinic for her treatments she is a little social diva.